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​I offer personal and custom rituals for your desired outcome or unique situation, as well as general rituals on various subjects, which you can see below. 

In these one on one consultations I combine my experience and study of art, astrological magic, tarot, witchcraft, ceremonial magick, herbalism, and intuitive practices to guide you, and give you creative, and symbolic actions or rituals to follow.  In my experience we are active participants in our own transformation, and with intention we can perform acts of healing and change in ourselves.

Consultations may involve looking at your birth chart and recent and upcoming astrological transits, activating the intuition and the unconscious using oracle cards, working with plants through astrological magic, cultivating creativity and presence though art making and ritual. 

This service is a unique package based on your circumstances, the price is variable and will be discussed in your initial consultation. If you are curious or interested, get in touch for more information.

Moon  rituals

Lunar rituals for the new, full and dark moon, specific to each zodiac sign it is is journeying through. These nourishing rituals can assist us in aligning with the energy and timing of each phase. By cultivating awareness of the cycles of the moon you may integrate its medicine and wisdom with intention.

57_Marquee Moon_v2.jpg

Planetary rituals

These rituals focus on working with the particular expressions and influences the planets govern, and how we may utilise these powers in our magickal praxis. Planetary rituals may be used to activate and accelerate spell work, to remediate your birth chart, to get to know the planets and work with them on a mundane level.

Linsey Gosper_Prayer for Monday.jpg

Wheel of the Year

The pagan Wheel of the Year celebrates the 8 witches sabbats as determined by the seasonal, astrological and elemental phases of the year. The Wheel of the Year is a foundational praxis and beautiful introduction to ritual work.



Protective work is crucial to magickal praxis and general well being. Whether we require protection from a specific source or are looking to build a protective praxis, these rituals are essential for anyone undertaking the craft. 


As part of our spiritual hygiene, and as we grow, we must regularly prune, cut cords and banish energies that no longer serve us. Through this intentional action we maintain sovereignty unto ourselves, and clear out space for abundance and new beginnings. 

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