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Birth chart reading

I offer one hour birth chart readings, giving you a general introduction to understanding the energies of your chart and how to work with them. This is presented as a Zoom meeting which may be recorded, and is priced at $120.

Birth chart reading, lunar emphasis

I offer birth chart readings that give particular insight and weight to your lunar placement, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your core emotional, habitual and most intimate nature. This is presented as a Zoom meeting which may be recorded, and is priced at $120. 

Birth chart ritual

My magically inclined offering is a personalised ritual created in consultation with your birth chart. Your reading will contain ritual examples of practical, remedial, everyday actions to connect with and celebrate the energies of your chart in fun, nourishing and creative ways. After an initial consultation on Zoom, this is presented as a PDF, and priced at $250. 

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My interest to formally learn astrology came through my ritual praxis and an increasing desire for a deeper understanding of planetary timings and influences for magickal work. Learning natal astrology and interpreting my birth chart has helped me cultivate self-understanding, awareness and accountability, leading to increased emotional intelligence and improved relationships. 


I have studied an advanced Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) accredited course with Melbourne/ Naarm based archetypal and mythological astrologer Christine Rothwell. In addition to this I have studied a number of short online courses with astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, and the Astrology Podcast. I presented lecturers at the 2022 and 2023 International Association of Astral Magic's (IAAM) annual conference,  Astromagia, dedicated to the practice and study of astrological magic. 


I approach the interpretation of the birth chart through my interest and experience of astrological magic and ritual praxis. I am concerned with utilising planetary energies for remediation, and in balancing a birth chart emphasises and lacks. I visualise the birth chart as alive, a symbolic, animist map. 


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